Nonprofit Accounting

Nonprofit Accounting Expertise

District Advisory serves nonprofit clients through a full range of service offerings that help organizations implement best practices in tax and financial management strategy. Through our understanding of the unique challenges and financial needs of nonprofit organizations, we develop innovative and reliable solutions that meet compliance standards while improving organizational effectiveness.

Type of Nonprofit Organizations We Help

District Advisory is a leading professional service provider to several nonprofit organizations in and around the Washington DC Metro Area. We proudly maintain a highly qualified team of professionals who understand the unique issues that these organizations face.


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Our specialized nonprofit accounting services include:

  • Financial reporting requirements
  • Accounting processes and systems implementations
  • Grant funding and reporting
  • Investment and reserve fund policies
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Cost allocations
  • Nonprofit bookkeeping

Elevate your financial and business strategy with outsourced executive leadership equipped to mature, grow, and sophisticate your company. Our team uses real-world experience to help you proactively navigate your business’ growth. Our CFO’s leverage a toolbox of services – from business analytics to financial projections – to deliver the insights you need to make well-informed decisions. We are your trusted nonprofit accounting and financial partner.

Nonprofit Account Services

Make well-informed Nonprofit decisions.

We work to understand your end objective and align our nonprofit accounting solutions accordingly, creating strategies that help you make the best decisions.

Make sure your financial information is reliable.

We have created a robust financial system that ensures your nonprofit accounting information is reliable and accurate.

Proactively navigate your nonprofit’s growth.

Get ahead of poorly managed cash flow and a lackluster professional financial plan with expert financial strategies and management.

Focus on the future of your Nonprofit.

Whether it’s investor funding or an exit strategy, our outsourced CFO consultants will use their industry expertise for your business.

Powerful Insights. Personalized Strategies.

We believe every Nonprofit needs a financial partner.

We work with you to grow your nonprofit and leverage every strategic opportunity to reach your highest potential. Working with financials isn’t just a business role, it’s a strategic move. Our CFOs work with nonprofits to fill in the gap between cost-effectiveness and quality support for financial growth.

Join hundreds of nonprofits and businesses who trust District Advisory as their financial partner.

See what running a nonprofit is like with District Advisory on your side. Schedule a 15 minute nonprofit accounting discovery call with one of our experts to see how we can help you reach the full potential of your nonprofit.

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